3 Approaches to Meditation

“Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that’s been missing”
–Russell Simmons.

Does that quote give you chills? It should because it’s true.

Picture someone meditating. Your mind conjures up an image of a person sitting in half lotus; palms open saying “om”.

In your mind are they concentrated on their breath? Watching each thought pass?

Well, you’re correct. That’s one way to meditate!

Did you know there are other ways?

Sure on the outside, the image may look the same. But the inner work is different.

Check out these styles of meditation.


There is a psychological element to this method. A good dose of humility and honesty is required too!

The goal is to understand your motives, reactions, and feelings.

Wonder why you reacted a certain way in a situation? Why not get to the root of it?

However, there is one place where you might find difficulty.

Naturally, we never want to be “in the wrong.”

Our ego is always right.

Or so we like to think.

It can be a bit painful to understand the hidden motives behind our actions. When this happens, be kind to yourself. Show yourself some additional love.

Above all else, forgive yourself. It is a must if you want to practice this method.

To facilitate this meditation ask yourself:

Why did I act this way?
What was my motive?
What emotion was I feeling?
What's underneath that feeling?

With a dedication to inner honesty, and an all-encompassing attitude of forgiveness you can recognize blocks to your spiritual growth.

Focus on Mind

Just like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears why not try this style on for size?

The mind is full of thoughts. We know this.

Fragments of memories, experiences, future expectations stream through the screen of our minds. Like we’re in a movie.

To practice this style, we shut our eyes and focus on that screen.

The aim is to watch the formation of thoughts.

When you feel a thought coming on watch it as it starts to take shape.

Don’t try to resist it or control it.

As it gains energy, it will become stronger and maybe more developed.

Then like air being let out of a balloon it deflates.

And soon you're on to the next thought.

What should you focus on?

Your focus should be on the ever-present stillness of your mind.

Have you heard the analogy that your mind is like the ocean, strong and still? Thoughts are like fish.

With this style look at the fish but know that you're the ocean.

Breath Work

The third and final style is extremely simple.

Close your eyes and focus on the stillness in your field of vision.

Focus on your breath.

Be consciously aware of how each breath of air feels as you breathe in and out.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is a spiritual energy that is located at the base of the spine.

By consciously breathing up through the chakra system picturing the energy as a golden light we can begin to feel an extra dose of positivity.

This is particularly useful when we are in a negative state of mind.

Instead, we can choose to travel down a lighter, happier path.

The practice of meditation can lead to self-discovery and growth.

The path is very joyous as we become a calmer, more benevolent version of ourselves.

What methods work best for you? How do you meditate?