3 Ways Meditation Improves Your Quality of Life

We often hear that nothing in life is free.

However, the person that said that didn’t take meditation into account!

Sure, there’s inner work that's necessary, but the practice itself is free.  If you have 15 minutes to spare for yourself, you can unlock some of these fantastic benefits.

1. A Shift in Your Energy

Take note of the energy you put out before and after meditation. Notice how your energy takes on more of a peaceful tone post practice.

When you commit to meditation, your inner core becomes rooted in love. Not only that, you support yourself and others. You project an aura of love and beauty. And trust me that other people sense the peace you radiate.

In fact, they want to be around that kind of energy. It gives people a little bit of a lift. You can draw the good out in others. There can never be too many people who see the beauty in all of life. This positive energy also helps you out in another way.

Based on the Law of Attraction we know like goes to like. You’ll attract higher quality people and opportunities into your life when you put out kindness and love. Just like the old idiom, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. The same goes for the energy you put out!

2. Puts Chaos in its Place

There’s nothing worse than a bad day. Isn’t that right?

One thing after another pile on top of you.

With meditation, you can avoid a tumble down the negativity rabbit hole.

Put chaos in its place means working through negative moments, facing them with a positive outlook. By meditating you are choosing a different path for yourself. Events that generally would unravel you lose that effect.

You’ll be able to handle high-stress situations with perseverance and clarity. You’ll find yourself being a rock or beacon of light for others to lean on.  Perhaps you’ll point out what others are doing right.

Never understand how valuable that is to someone who is struggling.

3. Physical Quality of Life Boosted

Some of the physical benefits of meditation include

  • Better sleep

Don’t stay up all night worry about a problem. With the tools you learned in meditation like mindfulness and ability to watch you thoughts from a detached space, you can consciously choose to put chaos in its place. Or at least proactively deal with the issue in the morning!

  • Relaxes the nervous system

By controlling how anxious and stressed you feel your nervous system runs smoother.

  • Boost immunity allow you to reduce stress
  • Manages mood
  • Staying grounded and focused

Meditation is one way to celebrate and support yourself and all of life. Keep up this positive habit as it’ll bring you many benefits.

It’s vital for us to present our best self every day so that we can contribute the very best to the world.

What benefits have you experienced? What is your favorite way to meditate?