5 Ways Being Disciplined Will Bring Success to Your Yoga Practice

Small wins lead to significant results. You wouldn't scale a mountain if you never worked out a day in your life, would you?

We can scale our larger goals by breaking them down into small steps.

Aside from small steps, we need one more thing: Discipline.

Discipline can help in your yoga practice too. How?

Here are five ways:

1. Unlock the Next Level of Your Practice

Practice makes perfect. 

When you first start out in your practice or anything in life for that matter, there’s always a learning curve. Too often we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We want to be masters, instantly. When this happens, we can get overwhelmed and we may quit before we’ve given it a real go.

By breaking down our larger goals (like being an advanced yogi) and remaining consistent, we will unlock the next level of our practice.

Show up to your yoga practice when you say you will. Refrain from flaking out. Respect yourself and your limits in each pose. In completing the steps mentioned above, you will achieve next level yogi status in no time.

2. Watch the Effects Spillover

If you remain disciplined in your practice, you will soon think,
“Well if I can do it in yoga I can do it in the office, too.”

This can have a positive effect in other areas of your life. You may say goodbye to old patterns or habits you’ve been trying to let go of for years.

Unexpected benefits open up from remaining consistent and disciplined in at least one area of your life.

Our Edge. Discipline requires us to test our edge. By edge, we mean the area where your comfort zone ends and real growth begins.

Here’s a story to illustrate:

Say you're in chaturanga pose.

You and the class are holding the pose.

The teacher starts counting down.

5... 4....

Your arms feel like they're on fire.


You want to take a break.

But.... you remember.... you’re a student of discipline.

You persevere through the sensation.

You made it.

You just lived on your edge.

Each time we live on our edge we increase our confidence.

Sure, we might have to pass through the unknown and a little bit of fear. But remember fear is an illusion. You can achieve anything you want as long as you hold it in your mind.

3. Get More Benefits Out of Each Pose

When you do something over and over again, you become familiar.
By being familiar with your practice, you know your limits.

You know when you can safely go a bit deeper into a pose.

Remembering to listen to your body.

If you feel too much pain or an uncomfortable pulling sensation you should stop and rest.

If you find you can go deeper into a pose, then you can unlock more of its benefits. Some of which include connecting to yourself. Or even feeling that sense of bliss when the class is over.

4. Awareness

You may show up at yoga, and practice each pose. However, stop for a moment and ask yourself this:

Why are you there? Is it to get in shape? Is yoga just a hobby? Do you want to curb anxiety?

Understand the reasons that you want to be present in yoga. This information will help you make the most out of each class.

5. Nail the Advanced Poses

Last but not least is the most satisfying!

What’s better than the feeling of achievement?

By now you know there are cumulative benefits to dedication and discipline. By showing up to class and pushing yourself a little further each time, you will see incremental growth. When you’re ready of course. That’s a fact.

Visualize how it would feel to nail crow pose (bakasana) or some other pose you’ve admire. You can aspire to be a yogi role model in your class.

You can do it.

Now you know how being disciplined can bring success to your yoga practice and your life.

Next time you step foot in class don’t forget to ask yourself why you’re there. Be present and live in the moment.