A Meditation For The New Year

It’s a brand new year. We now have a clean slate.

Our time on earth is precious.

Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your life with treasures and positive energy? Instead of worry and fear?

You can.

One way to achieve this is meditation. We meditate at a specific time and place.

But, what about the spaces of time after you meditate?

A little thing called contemplation can help with this.

With contemplation, we consciously pay attention to our actions.

Let’s apply this concept to something simple. Washing dishes for example.

We go through the motions. Picking up the sponge, applying the soap. Often unconsciously.

Instead, try this:

Pay attention to each action. Inspect what you are doing. Do it with love. Treating each move you make with respect and gratitude. You are taking a chance to live consciously. You are not running through life unaware.

A Fresh Start

This year break one of your negative habits.

Which one instantly comes to mind? This habit come out during moments of weakness.

We say we’ve got to stop being this way, thinking negatively.

After all, it’s easier to think the worst is going to happen then to believe that you’re good enough. Or worthy.

Contemplation can help here as well.

How do you tie in it?

Our inner critic tells us we’ll never get that promotion, or we aren’t going to make the cut to achieve X.

Instead of believing that, let go of the negative feeling that has accompanied the thought. Slow down. Breathe and choose differently.

One more thing, let’s inspire each other in the New Year.

Let’s inspire ourselves to achieve our dreams.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself. Accompanying thoughts as well.

Explore your answers.

Do you find yourself going on autopilot often?

Be awake. Live more consciously.

Do you avoid asking questions? Whether at work on at home?

Be unafraid to get the answers you seek. Ask the tough questions.

Do you find yourself giving into peer pressure?

Be bold. Be the leader you admire. Stand out from the heard.

Are you living your purpose?

Don’t just exist. Live the life you’ve dreamed of. Make changes.

Could you be kinder to your fellow humans?

No matter how different we seem, we all have the same source. Try to understand their story.

This Year

This year doesn’t have to slip through our fingers. We can change. Be steadfast in your commitment to better yourself. Practice contemplation.

Additionally, research shows it takes 21 days to form a habit. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

What is your new year's resolution?

What action are you taking to make it a reality?