Five Perfect Places To Meditate Each Day


Have you been finding it hard to find the right place to meditate each day? You could be missing out on some great meditation opportunities. It doesn't take a lot to be in the right place for meditation, location-wise, you just need a quiet space without distraction. There are some wonderful places you could be meditating if you just use your imagination a little.

The Park

When was the last time you went to the park? Unless the park has a children's play area and it's not a school day and it's not cold outside, the park can be a great place to find a quiet area to meditate. Consider sitting on a park bench, sitting on the ground under a big oak tree, or taking a stroll on a walking path.

The best thing about meditating in the park is the fact that you are allowing yourself to get closer to nature. The sounds of the birds can be your soothing music as you focus on your breathing. If there is water nearby you can breathe and relax to the sounds of it flowing.

In The Backyard

If the park is too loud, and your neighbors aren't, consider meditating in your own backyard. The bonus of this location is that you can set up a sacred space in a shaded corner where you can sit peacefully and be mindful. Consider decorating the area with a Buddha statue and some flowers.

You might not have running water, like a stream or fountain, in your backyard, but you still have the birds to serenade you and other calming sounds of nature. If you make the space special you'll want to keep coming back for more meditation time.

The Library

Libraries are known to be quiet places, so why not grab a seat in the comfortable reading area in your local library and get in some meditation time with no loud distractions. People will be whispering, phones will be silenced, and if you have the time why not read a book when you're done?

If you're easily distracted this might still be a bad place for you, but if you're good at blocking out the sounds of someone walking by you then it's an excellent opportunity. Consider visiting the library during hours when it's normally slow (you can ask you librarian when that is).

In Your Car

Depending on where you park your car, it could be a perfectly quiet atmosphere for you to meditate. Don't try this while you're driving. Find a quiet lot to park in (lock your doors, depending on the area) and get focused on your breathing. It's another chance to be close to the outdoors, and it's free of a house full of kids, a noisy spouse, or your Netflix addiction.

Try doing some guided meditations in your car, but only when you're parked. Use your phone to listen to them or download some on your iPod, or whatever media device you choose to use.

In Bed

Wake up earlier than the other people in your household and meditate before you even get out of bed. You're already relaxed, but this will get your thoughts for the day going on a positive note and you'll start your day out in a more mindful manner.

Try meditating once everyone else in the house has gone to bed. You're ensured a silent household this way. Just make sure to turn your phone off.

It's just as important to find the right place for meditation as it is finding the time to do it. Get creative and meditate wherever you can, even if it's while you're taking the stairs or alone on the elevator heading into work.