Five Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga


You know about the traditional health benefits of yoga, like increased flexibility, stress reduction and overall toning. People who regularly practice yoga experience tremendous gains in both mental and physical health and are often better equipped to deal with daily stressors. In addition to these well-known positive effects of your daily Sun Salutations, here are a few unexpected perks of regular yoga practice!


1. Yoga Keeps Your Organs Functioning Optimally

Many yoga poses gently massage and stimulate your organs, keeping them operating at peak performance. Yoga is kind exercise, and its objective is to push your body benevolently, so your internal organs aren't rudely shocked, only mildly prompted by the poses. Additionally, yoga's focus on mindfulness makes it far more likely that regular practitioners are completely aligned with their body's needs and able to intuit the first sign of a health problem.    

2. Yoga Increases Your Pain Tolerance

People who practice yoga regularly have a greater tolerance for pain. Perhaps it's due to the slight discomfort of holding difficult poses or the overall feeling of serenity enjoyed by people who regularly practice. Whatever the reason, increased immunity to pain is a very pleasant side effect of tapping into your inner yogi! Additionally, people who suffer more chronic pain generally find that it's lessened or dramatically improved through regular yoga sessions.

3. Yoga Makes You Stronger

Yoga's tremendous toning benefits come from leveraging and holding your own body weight in challenging poses so, naturally, you'll build a lot of strength. You'll see massive gains in your core strength and find that you no longer feel the inclination to hold your breath when tackling difficult positions. The more yoga you do, the stronger and more flexible you'll become.

4. Yoga Can Boost Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is responsible for keeping you healthy. Its job is to filter through bodily toxins and increase your immunity to illness. Constantly plagued with a cold or bouts of the flu? Unroll that yoga mat and get your blood flowing! The same poses that aid your organs in functioning at their best also do wonders for your lymphatic system! You'll experience a quantifiable gain in health and wellness.

5. Yoga Keeps Your Hormones In Balance

Do you suffer from mood swings? Yoga can help with that! Yoga aids your endocrine system in functioning effectively. Your endocrine system is responsible for regulating your hormones and can impact mood fluctuations. This is an area where yoga helps both your physical and mental health! A strong endocrine system means a more stabilized mood and a happier life.

Regular yoga practice will give you a healthier body, mind and overall outlook on the world. The myriad of physical and mental benefits is why so many people see yoga as much more than a simple workout. It’s a cornerstone practice to living well and thriving! If you’re ready to make yoga a central part of your lifestyle make sure you invest properly in quality yoga clothes and a premium mat to make the most out of your experience.