The Health Benefits of Yoga


In today’s fast paced life, many people find it hard to find even a few moments to themselves. Striking the right balance between work and family, can get overwhelming. Let us not forget that even holding a job in a highly competitive corporate world is a feat in itself.

Long working hours, commuting to work, pressure, competition among colleagues, self-improvement and meeting targets can sap the life out of you – literally. These are but a few of the many challenges that the common man faces in the forever evolving corporate world.

During the Paleolithic era, humans moved to gather food, escape from predators, and migrate to better pastures. Even as the human race was evolving, men and women worked on farms, trudged into town to buy basic supplies and were physically active. However, by the mid-20th century, the advancements in technology, and the rise in office jobs slowly but steadily chipped away at our physical activity.

Today, the average American spends 93% of his life indoors and 70% of it sitting! And, the World Health Organization estimates that a lack of physical activity can be associated with over 3.2 million deaths each year. So, how does one combat with a sedentary lifestyle and remain healthy? The answer is yoga!

Listed below are a few ways yoga can be beneficial to you if you have a desk job that limits your physical activity.

Cardiovascular Benefits

A number of studies have been able to prove that yoga has a positive effect on cardiovascular risk factors. Those who suffer from hypertension and practice yoga on a daily basis, have reported lower blood pressure levels. Experts opine that this form of exercise restores baroreceptors sensitivity that helps the body in sensing imbalances in blood pressure and helps maintain the right balance.

Yet another study was able to establish that practicing yoga can improve the lipid profiles in not just patients with a coronary heart disease but also healthy patients.

Yoga can help lower excessive blood sugar levels in those who have been diagnosed with non-insulin dependent diabetes and helps reduce their dependency on medications. And this is why yoga is now being promoted in many workplaces due to its stress-relieving and cardiovascular benefits.

Enhances Fitness Levels

If you find it hard to make time for exercise in your busy schedule, try yoga. Yoga has been practiced since time immemorial and is known to soothe anxiety and tension in both the body and the mind. It can also have a great impact on an individual’s exercise capacity.

According to a research conducted on a group of sedentary working class professionals who had no idea about yoga; the participants exhibited increased endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, and cardio-respiratory fitness. These results were after 8 weeks of practicing simple yoga exercises twice a week for about 180 minutes.

Helps You Lose Weight

It goes without saying that a sedentary lifestyle due to professional commitments leads to weight gain. However, people who practice yoga can be more in tune with their bodies and are naturally mindful eaters.

This means if you practice yoga you can control your cravings to binge eat, which is natural under work pressure. According to researchers, people who practice yoga for at least half an hour once every week for about 4 years are less likely to gain any weight through middle adulthood. In fact, many of them who are overweight will be able to lose pounds.

Yoga can also help people with depression and arthritis that is common among many professionals today. If you have been feeling in the dumps due to a heavy work load, or you simply wish to lead a healthy lifestyle resort to yoga. Moreover, yoga can help sweep a sense of calm and mindfulness in your otherwise busy life.

Now that is something pleasant to hear and it is the truth!