Is Yoga Your New Year's Resolution?

What is a "New Year's Resolution"?

One resource defines it as:

“A tradition, most common in the Western hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise change their life.”

It’s 2018. What's your resolution?

During this time you no longer look to the past. You understand it’s gone.

You live here. In the present moment.

You’re future awaits you. No matter which point you’re at.

Fulfill your potential. Mold your life.

Life in a Bubble

Whether we like to admit it or not, sometimes we live in a bubble.

We think we’re conscious 24/7. In the physical sense, we are.

But what happens when something significant shifts in our world?

It’s then that we realize we were on autopilot.

Which Yogi Are You?

You may be the advanced yogi. You express yourself through a series of creative poses in class.

Or are you the newbie? Nestled in the back corner of the room. You watch other’s poses and try to perfect your own.

You might be somewhere in between.

Regardless of where you're at, one of the benefits of yoga is that you're accepted no matter what.

It's YOUR New Year.

Why not reframe your world a bit.

Turn your perspective upside down once in a while.

Great. Thanks for joining me for that.

Now onto the fun stuff!

Going to more yoga is an excellent new years resolution.

Here's a fresh take on what it can bring to your mind, body, and soul.

Your question:

What can yoga do for my mind?

• Yoga can clear your mind.

If you’re a seasoned yogi, this is old hat.

You know how you feel after class.

Protip for the newbie’s: Be aware of your state of mind before you go into class. Take the same temperature reading after class too.

The euphoric effects last for hours.

After you complete a class, you realize your worries don’t seem so bad. You might even have figured out solutions to your problems!

• You’re mentally strong

Hey, no one ever said life was easy. Did they?

There’s a reason we have to find humor in it so often!

Akin to a soothing balm let yoga cradle your mind. You have permission to sail away on the restorative high seas.

When you wake up out of your bliss, you might notice the beauty the world has to offer. You’re happy with yourself. You’re delighted to see others.

You might compliment a stranger and make their day a bit easier.

You’re able to face issues proactively. Knowing you’ll get through them.

Your question:

How can yoga improve my fitness?

• Longer muscles, a more balanced body, toned abs, increased flexibility, and stronger biceps.

You might think a life without exercise is sufficient. Try taking a yoga class after months of inaction. You’ll notice how stiff you’re the body is.

“I’ve been living like this for how long?” you’ll say.

Also, an indirect consequence of flexing your muscles, stretching and twisting our bodies like pretzels is:

Confidence. Pretty nice bonus, right?

Your question:

My soul. The essence of who I am. What can yoga do for that?

• Yoga connects your energetic body with your physical body and mind.

As a yogi it’s likely, you’re spiritually aware. If your soul isn’t nourished, you might feel out of balance physically and mentally.

Mind, body, and soul work together. Each needs attention to perform your best.

Yoga reminds you to breathe and to live in the present moment.

All of this influences you to be aware of your higher self.

So there you have it. Yoga has many gifts for your mind, body, and soul.

Which benefits have you experienced in yoga?

Share one of your favorite moments in yoga!