Kundalini Rising: Exploring our Seven Chakras (Part 2 of 7) - Exploring Emotion through our Second Chakra

When we practice healing our chakras, it is important to move directly up our spines, focusing on each wheel of energy one-at-a-time. If our more basic chakras aren’t spinning properly, we’ll find more difficulty in tending to the chakras that sit higher up in our spines, which makes sense: if we’re struggling to find food, water, or shelter, how can we expect to simultaneously resolve more complex emotional concerns? Once we satisfy those basic needs within our first chakra, our root, then we can move to our second chakra. This wheel of energy is called the sacral chakra, known in Sanskrit as svadhishthana. Svadhisthana is located just above the root chakra, slightly above our tailbone and slightly below our belly-button.

While our root chakra targets our most basic needs, our sacral chakra goes a little deeper, focusing on our feelings and interconnectivity with others. Svadhisthana targets emotions, connection with others, sexuality, intimacy, unconscious desires or fantasies, and creativity. If you find yourself suppressing any of these aspects of your life- whether you’re doing it actively, or if you’re keeping walls up as a result of trauma, it’s time to give your sacral chakra some love and attention. For instance, if you’re feeling depressed, withdrawn from others, or if you’re struggling creatively, take your attention to your second chakra. Tending to svadhishthana can illuminate what exactly is causing you to feel that way. Feeling overly emotional or hypersexual can also indicate that your sacral chakra is out of sync, so be mindful of these feelings as well when it comes to your chakra alignment.

So, how can we tune up our sacral chakra? There are a few yoga poses that can help get us started. When you’re incorporating svadhisthana into your yoga practice, think hip openers. Lunges, half-split pose, warriors, lizard, or bound angle are all good options. Keep your hips aligned as you hold these poses- if you’re in a hip-opening pose where your right foot is forward, pull your right hip back and your left hip forward. Aligned hips will help keep your sacrum happy, which is exactly where we want to focus our energy when working on svadhisthana. Take your focus up a notch by adding in kegel exercises as you hold the pose (fellas, this trick applies to you, too!). As always, focus your energy on the chakra you’re healing as you work through these poses.

Just like with root chakra healing, you can add in some extra techniques to enhance your focus on your sacral chakra. Svadhisthana’s color is orange, so when you’re focusing on this chakra, bring in the color orange! Find some orange blankets or trinkets to bring to your mat with you, throw on some orange clothes or jewelry, or close your eyes and envision something orange as you hold your stretches.

As we work up our spine through our chakras, we start focusing deeper and deeper on ourselves and our own needs. Once we’ve achieved the comfort and security required by our root chakras, we can go further inward to explore our emotions and innate desires through our sacral chakra. Once that second wheel is set into motion, we can move towards our third chakra: the navel.