The Power of On-The-Go Essential Oil Aromatherapy

aromatherapy essential oils diffuser

You seem a bit tired. Mother Nature can help with that.

Want to know how?

Aromatherapy essential oils. They’re the Earth’s perfume.

Let Mother Nature wrap her loving arms around you. And wash away your physical and mental ailments.

If you're on board, let's dive into the benefits of these precious gems.

Calm by Lavender

If you’re someone that has anxiety or can be in your head too much, lavender essential oil is for you.

The aroma of this oil instantly calms the body. Stressors magically drift away. Leaving you in a subdued and relaxed state.

Lavender guides you back to the present moment with an uplifted mood.

Energy Boost by Orange

Orange pierces through low energy like a laser. One whiff of this essential oil will shake off grogginess too!

Apply some of this oil when you step out of the door for work.

It's especially helpful if you have a presentation or just need an extra pep in your step.

Joy by Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a highly sought after essential oil. Think of it as aromatherapy royalty.

Its smell is often described as romantic.

Choose this essential oil if you’re looking to uplift your spirits deeply.

The sweet and flirty smell also provides a soothing effect.

Concentration by Sandalwood

Sandalwood helps the brain focus. It improves concentration and memory. It helps prevent unnecessary stress and unease.

Select this oil if you have a big test, or are feeling restless and agitated. One whiff will help you stay on task.

Heart by Rose Otto

Looking for a bit of luxury? Try Rose Otto.

This oil encourages feelings of well-being. Choose this one if you’re feeling a bit depressed. The psychological effects of this oil will nourish your soul and help you get moving to brighter pastures.

Ease by Cedar

If you experience pain in any form, then cedarwood can alleviate that ailment. Its properties include anti-inflammatory and pain relief. If you have arthritis, cedarwood can treat stiffness you might feel.
This oil can also improve circulation and relieve headaches, too.

When to grab cedarwood? Try this when you feel a little rickety. You need to grease your joints a bit. Bonus is it helps you feel balanced as well.

7 Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Meditation Bracelet

This bracelet absorbs the essential oil of your choice. It's like a portable spa that you can take with you. No doubt you'll sport an elevated mood with your essential oils so close to your heart and mind.

The choice is yours.

Select the oil based on what you’re feeling like that day.

7 Chakra Stones work together to leave you balanced and protected.

In our fast-paced society it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The 7 Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Meditation Bracelet is one way to remain present and open to what life may bring.

This trendy bracelet will have people asking where you bought it and how they can get their hands on one!