Yoga and Mental Health: 6 Ways Practice Leads to Peace

Longtime yogis know that with continued practice comes increased peace. Yoga targets your body and your mind, making it unique amongst other types of exercise that exist to give you that coveted six-pack or bikini body. Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a workout regimen and as such, the mental health benefits of continuous yoga practice are pretty incredible!

Yoga Elevates Your Mood

Yoga unites the body and the mind through practice that focuses on fostering a connection between the two. Since yoga is an all-encompassing practice and often intertwines meditation with physical poses, your mood will be elevated through the benefits of exercise as well as soothed through practiced meditation. The combination of the two is powerful and lasts long after you've rolled up your mat for the day!

Yoga Can Help With Depression

As with any type of exercise, yoga aids in mental stability and can help minimize the symptoms of depression. It's important to clarify that if you suffer from clinical depression, you should seek professional treatment and not rely on your regular yoga practice to completely heal the symptoms, but adding yoga to your daily routine can help ease the sting of depression and clear up feelings of helplessness. Additionally, many people believe that yoga practice actually helps release negative emotions, freeing you from dark thoughts and giving you a clearer path.

Yoga Can Help You Accept Yourself

We are all imperfect creatures and no amount of practicing yoga will change that, but we can learn to love and accept ourselves. Yoga helps us let go of the need to be perfect and learn to love the journey.

Yoga Boost Your Outlook

Yoga helps your endocrine system function better, which leads to a regulation of hormones and quiets your mood swings. This improved stability will lead to a more measured and serene outlook. This is just another example of how yoga marries the healthy function of your body and mind.

Yoga Can Help You Tap Into Your Inner Calm

A big part of successful yoga practice is mindfulness, which is directly related to cultivating an inner calm and peace. Through a combination of physical poses and meditative techniques, yoga is able to foster a sustainable calm that lasts long after the session is over. Crave more calm? Invest in an essential oil diffuser and enjoy a feeling of serenity and peace all the time.

Yoga Eliminates Your Hostility

Have you ever felt uncontrollable rage? If so, yoga was made for you. Over time the regular practice of yoga helps tremendously with anger management and can reduce or even eliminate hostility, feelings of hopelessness and anger. The obvious benefits to seeing red less are looking more professional and maintaining better relationships with family and friends, but you'll also benefit from reduced blood pressure and eased stress.

Through regular practice of yoga, you'll begin to experience tremendous physical and mental health benefits! The effects outlined above are just a few of the wonderful ways that your life will improve!