5 Best Yoga Poses for Booty Sculpting

Did you know there are major advantages to keeping your butt toned aside from just looking feeling sexy? A strong, firm butt can relieve lower back pain and creates a more powerful forward movement when you walk and run. Just look at world-class female athletes who need power when they walk, run or lunge forward for proof! 

Having a nicely shaped booty is a confidence booster as well!

In Yoga, we condition the entire body. There are, however, 5 butt sculpting yoga poses  to keep in mind that will really work your bum!

1. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose will help you tone that butt for beach season.
Start out on your back. Raise your knees like you’re making a table. Scoop your hips up to the ceiling. Extend your arms directly underneath you.

Don’t forget: Squeeze your thighs in toward each other. It's necessary to do this because your body naturally wants to extend the limbs outward. Breathe in and out as you hold the pose.

2. Chair Pose

How can we talk about booty sculpting without speaking of chair pose?
Position your legs like you’re about to sit in an imaginary chair.
Lift your arms to the sky.

Tip: You can work your glutes if you hold the pose a little longer than usual.

3. High Lunge Pose

This pose lends a hand in raising that booty.

Have you done this pose before?

Start in Standing Forward Fold. Make sure your knees are bent. Then, step your left foot back behind you. Form a right angle with your right knee.
To help you, picture how marathon runners get into position at the starting mark.
While in the pose, be sure to lengthen your torso and also your left leg.
Keep that posture strong!

4. One Legged Plank

Start this pose off by going into Plank. The variation of the extended leg is what makes this a butt toning exercise.
Crank up the burn by moving your extended leg up and down.
Find which variation works best for you.

Here's another variation: Instead of holding yourself up by your hands move down to your forearms. Try it!

5. Warrior 3

How can we not mention this pose for its butt toning abilities!

How do you usually get into this pose?
Do you start off in Warrior 2 progress into Warrior 3?

That is one of the more natural ways to do it.

While in Warrior 2 move your right arm down to your right ankle.
Akin to a Side Triangle. Lift your left arm into the sky.
Then place both hands on the floor and lift your left leg behind you as you figure into the traditional pose.
Keep your balance! Ground down through your right leg. Project both arms out in front of you strong.

What Do You Think?
You’ll be able to feel the burn in your glutes the next day with these poses. Plus they will counteract the effects of our sedentary lifestyle.

How Else Can They Help?

Well, our lives are becoming increasingly digitized. We tend to sit behind our computers at work; we sit in the car on the drive home. Then we sit in front of our TVs.
These poses will help get your body moving to counteract any adverse effects of sitting too much.

Get moving!